Welcome statement

At Gloria Dei, all people are welcome without distinction. We believe the invitation of Jesus was radical and all-inclusive, and we want to be the kind of community that says and does the things Jesus did.

In this faith community, our welcome is wide open:

  • Open to people of all colors, backgrounds, and abilities.

  • Open to people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

  • Open to all generations, young, old, and in between.

  • Open to people of all income levels.

  • Open to lifelong followers of Jesus, occasional attenders, curious onlookers, people with doubts, and those who don’t quite fit the “box.”

Our invitation is open to all people because we believe everyone is created in God’s image, and that includes you.

Join us as we meet at the cross, come together as one community, gather around one table to be fed, and go into the one and only world we have to serve.

You are welcome here!

open and affirming

We are open and affirming which means we not only welcome those who identify as LGBTQ but also support them and everyone to be who God created them to be.