In the past few years, the mission and vision of Gloria Dei has become much clearer. We are no longer defined by what we’re not, but by who we truly are. AllTogether, we are a community that values abundance, stories of life to faith, active participation, open spirituality, and is open to questions and doubts.

AllTogether, we are very proud of our Welcome Statement as we are open and affirming of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. This passionate welcome can be found in all areas of our ministry, from worship experiences to children and youth activities to service in our community and beyond.

“We welcome everyone - there’s something at Gloria Dei for everyone to participate in, or not! Youth, music, family, worship of several different styles. It’s just a great place to meet people, hear God’s message, and learn of Jesus’ love. We’ve been at Gloria Dei for 20 years and before joining, we visited several other churches here in the area. There was just something about Gloria Dei and the people that made us want to stay and be ‘home’.” - Deb Aries, Member

Deb’s description of Gloria Dei as “home” rings true for many of us. Each of you are a part of the positivity she feels and the general sense of hope and welcome that our culture provides. AllTogether, each of our members bring their own story to our community and we all benefit from sharing in the journey.

As we process our church’s financial needs, including the urgent need of maintaining our ministry excellence by taking care of our staff, remember that we are in this together. To keep our ministry relationships strong, we need to attract and retain professionals that are engaged in our important mission.

AllTogether, we know that the past is not our potential because God is leading us into a bright, promising future. We need your support and confidence to build tomorrow’s church, today.