Good Friday

The Three Days & Easter at Gloria Dei


What if instead of talking about a story, we got to experience it? What if the realities of love, abundance, death and new life were not abstract terms, but present reality? What if the central story of our faith came alive in a new way?

The Three Days is a Gloria Dei tradition taking us from the Last Supper of Maundy Thursday, through the crucifixion of Good Friday, to the first announcement of resurrection (and the feast!) of Easter Vigil. Think of it as one worship service in three parts… One “play” in 3 acts with 23 hour intermissions! This is a highly interactive, participatory worship experience.

Join us as we use storytelling, music, food, video and drama to encounter the story of love that changes the world. There will be free childcare in the nursery on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night during The Three Days services. All are welcome!

Act One: A Feast of Love
Maundy Thursday, April 18, 7pm

Join in a candle lit meal of bread and wine with friends. Share stories, learn about love, and experience the presence of Christ through food and community. We will participate in the story of the Last Supper that Jesus spent with his friends. As the evening closes, we will take a break until Friday night when we gather again for “Act Two.”

Act Two: A Cross and a Hill
Good Friday, April 19, 7pm

Through music, storytelling, and images, we meet Jesus on a hill, and stand at the foot of the cross. We become first hand witnesses to this moment that changed everything, and discover how our story connects. At the end of the evening, we take another break until we gather for the third and final act.

Act Three: New Life
Easter Vigil, April 20, 7:30pm

The evening begins in the courtyard by a fire… this is the first light of Easter. We light candles from this fire and begin a journey from death to new life through drama, story, music, and video. We hear how those who have gone before us moved (time after time) from death to new life. In the end, we ultimately discover that this journey is a part of our story too. The night closes celebrating that “Jesus is Risen!” The three act worship experience ends with a feast of food and drink and the official beginning of the Easter celebration.

Holy Week Schedule:

Maundy Thursday: 11am in the Sanctuary & 7pm in Worship Center (Day One of Three Days)
Good Friday: 11am in the Sanctuary & 7pm in Worship Center (Day Two of Three Days)
Easter Vigil: 7:30pm in Worship Center & Sanctuary (Day Three of Three Days)

Easter Schedule:

Easter Sunday:
9am & 10:30am in the Sanctuary (featuring Sanctuary Singers, Brass Ensemble, & Glorious Bells)
9am & 11am in the Worship Center (featuring Ska Band)