Dave's Sabbatical: Send-Off Lunch & FAQs

Pastor Dave Berg

Pastor Dave Berg

Join us for the Send Off Lunch for Pastor Dave as he begins his Sabbatical

You are invited to a send off lunch for Pastor Dave on Sunday, April 28th at Noon in the Garden Lounge. Dave will share a bit about his Sabbatical and how you can be involved with the topics he’ll be studying.

View the Sabbatical Book Studies by Charles & Julie here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dave’s Sabbatical:

When is the Sabbatical?
It begins on Sunday, April 28 and ends on Sunday, August 4.

Dave getting an extended vacation?
This is not a vacation—but a time of intentional exploration, reflection and slowing down.

With pastors working most weekends and holidays, it is the suggestion of our synod to take a sabbatical every seven years to rejuvenate and have time to explore new ideas.

Is Dave leaving Gloria Dei?
Nope— He is more excited than ever to be here! But he will be suspending his social media accounts and taking a break from his iPhone for a few months. If you need something be sure to contact the church office.

What about Charles leaving?
Dave planned/applied for/was granted this sabbatical long before Charles announced his retirement. He will be back two months before Charles is done, and will help lead in the time of transition.

What will be happening at Gloria Dei while Dave is gone?
All the normal things we do in late Spring/early Summer. Additionally, there will be two special grant funded classes for people to participate in. Julie will lead a two week class on Sabbath, and Charles will lead a two week class on Celitic Christian spirituality. These are two key ideas Dave will be exploring during his time away, and he will be sharing more with us on these topics upon his return.

How much money is this costing Gloria Dei?
Nothing… in fact… Gloria Dei is receiving funding to make this sabbatical a reality. The Lilly Foundation (Indianapolis, Indiana) awarded Gloria Dei a grant to cover all costs connected to the sabbatical. In addition to Dave’s travel, activities, etc., they will cover some of Carrie’s salary, books for adult education opportunities, congregational meals, and other expenses. Read more about the Lilly Grant that Gloria Dei has received for Dave’s Sabbatical.

What is the size of this grant?

Why did Gloria Dei get this grant?
This is an honor! The Lilly Foundation funds a very limited number of innovative congregations and their leaders. Based on the work that we have been doing at Gloria Dei, they wanted to fund Dave’s sabbatical. The idea is that rested, energized leaders who have time to further their learning and explore new ideas will be even stronger upon their return. It’s a win/win!

Will Dave be in Scotland for all three months?
Nope! He will spend two weeks touring Scotland and taking classes on Celtic spirituality. Robyn and the girls will join him for a week in the UK before they come home.

What will Dave be doing?
Highlights include:

  • Four day retreat in Arizona

  • Two weeks studying Celtic Christian Spirituality in Scotland

  • A week touring the UK with Robyn and the girls

  • Family reunions/vacation/road trip

  • Attend a week long class at the New England School of Celtic Consciousness in Connecticut

  • Attend the Wild Goose Festival of Spirit, Justice, Music and Arts in North Carolina

  • Reading/Writing/Planning

  • Walking his dogs and exercising!