Pastor Carrie Smisek Now Full Time

Last September, Pastor Carrie Smisek was ordained as a pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN to a half time position. We are pleased to announce that Pastor Carrie will be full time as of April 1st and will be able to expand her ministry in our community and beyond.

Pastor Carrie Smisek

Pastor Carrie Smisek

Pastor Carrie will now have a greater involvement with Children, Youth, and Family ministry, Young Adult ministry, and worship planning. She will also have more opportunities to provide pastoral care and is looking forward to the prospect of re-imagining what pastoral care looks like across all generations. In general, she will be even more present in this building and community to foster even deeper connections with our congregation.

In response to this news, Pastor Carrie says, β€œIt is a joy to work at Gloria Dei and to be a part of this incredible ministry. It was a dream come true to be called here in the first place, and now to be full time feels spectacular! In short, I am excited to continue the journey with you in a more present way and figure out to where the Holy Spirit is bringing us together.”

Thank you to the congregation for supporting Pastor Carrie in her journey here at Gloria Dei. We are so excited to see where this new opportunity leads our community!