What Next?

On September 29, we said thank you and farewell to Pastor Charles after 13 years of ministry at Gloria Dei. In August we did much the same with Pastor Karna. As September comes to a close here’s where we are:

  1. We have two pastoral vacancies, but we still have two dedicated, caring, full-time pastors on staff.  Even though our pastoral staff has always divided the responsibilities of leadership, Pastor Dave and Pastor Carrie are called to serve the whole congregation. They will continue to serve and care for our faith community through this time of transition and beyond.

  2. We have a large, talented, passionate, and professional staff. Each member of our staff is energized and unified by the vision of this entrepreneurial community. Like Dave and Carrie, they are here out of love for the people of Gloria Dei and a commitment to our shared vision. 

  3. We are one congregation, and we have a creative, thoughtful, and energized faith community.  The church is the people! Pastors and staff can lead, but they cannot do it alone. Although we have many programmatic and worship opportunities, we are are one congregation-- Gloria Dei.  Together we have created something unique among faith communities in the area. In a time of church decline, we have a growing, thriving, innovative community, and we will live into this next chapter of our shared life together.  

With the above points in mind we ask, “What next?” We will begin a call process to fill the senior pastor position. When the senior pastor is in place, we will call an associate pastor. The following timeline was developed by the Church Council, with guidance from our synod office.

October 16 Welcome our new Interim Associate Pastor, Mike Zaske

Interim pastors are trained to lead congregations in times of transition. They cannot move into a permanent position after the interim period is done. Pastor Mike will fill the Associate Pastor role vacated by Pastor Karna until that role is filled permanently.

December Council Listening Posts

We will have opportunities for those who wish to share thoughts, ideas, and ask questions of Council leadership in small “one-on-one” meetings  in early December. 

January Congregational Conversations 

Church Council leaders will provide 4-5 opportunities for people to participate in Congregational Conversations. We will seek a common understanding of our future as we will examine where we’ve been, where we are now, and what’s next in our shared life together. 

January 26 Annual Meeting

The Call Committee (Interview Team) will be finalized. 

February Synod paperwork is finished, and the Call Committee convenes.

A Call Process in the ELCA requires a profile to be completed on each congregation. This is a job posting with pertinent information about the position and congregation. The above gatherings and conversations will help a Council appointed team to complete our Ministry Site Profile (MSP). The Call Committee will convene once the MSP is completed and filed with the synod office.  

March Call Committee interviews begin

Interviews will begin in late February/early March.

Post-Easter Call extended to new Senior Pastor, and the Senior Pastor begins.

The new Senior Pastor will be installed sometime after Easter (April 11).

Summer Interviews for Associate Pastor

We hope to have the Associate Pastor position filled by August of 2020.

This is an extensive process, and it will take time. Often, ELCA leadership suggests a protocol which can take a year or longer to find the right match. Our process is quick by comparison, but it will still require our patience and attention as we discern, listen and pray. The above schedule may change, it may move faster or slower, but it is our best estimate today.

Gloria Dei is a wonderful, creative, joy-filled community of faith, and we are all in this together. Please pray for our congregation, welcome Interim Associate Pastor Mike Zaske when he arrives, and participate in the discernment events as they happen. Together we will navigate this season of transition, as God has big things in store for our future. 

Grace and Peace,

Amy Lynn Conners, Church Council President

Amy Lynn Conners, Church Council President

Pr. Dave Berg

Pr. Dave Berg