Middle School Mission Trip - Deadline approaching!

by D.J. Chatelaine
Milwaukee, WI - Registration deadline: Nov 11th

Picture a ship about to set sail: the magnificent white hull towers over the docks and points towards the open water ahead. The tall masts shoot into the air, sails ready to propel the vessel onward to the grand voyage ahead. The Milwaukee Art Museum captures this feeling of magnificence and anticipation through its ship-like structure. Situated at the edge of a city with a rich history, one that has seen an influx of peoples from all over the country and world, notably Germany, Italy and the American South, the museum functions as a beacon of what’s to come. Working to overcome problems of racial injustice & inequality, poverty and gentrification, Milwaukee at the same time celebrates its food, culture and successes (just check out the season the Brewers are having).


All of these things, plus the opportunity to partner with Serve Boldly, a Lutheran service organization grounded in the understanding of loving your neighbor, make me very excited for Gloria Dei’s Middle School kids to spend a week together doing God’s work in this community that’s only 4 hours away! I’m looking forward to a time of building each other up, while we serve alongside Milwaukee service organizations that are focused on youth and hunger. And of course, I can’t wait for all those fun and unexpected mission trip moments that will become lifelong memories. Sound like fun? Then be sure to turn in your deposit and registration by November 11!