Snow Emergency - Parking Guidelines for Gloria Dei

The city of Rochester has declared a snow emergency in advance of this weekend’s anticipated winter storm. You can help by abiding by the following parking guidelines when visiting Gloria Dei for the next several days:

“Effective at 12:00 p.m. on March 9, and ending at 12:00 p.m. on March 14. Vehicles cannot be parked on the even side of the street on even numbered days, and the odd side of the street on odd numbered days, between 4:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., for the duration of the snow emergency”
— City of Rochester

Be safe, everyone!

Pastor Carrie Smisek Now Full Time

Last September, Pastor Carrie Smisek was ordained as a pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN to a half time position. We are pleased to announce that Pastor Carrie will be full time as of April 1st and will be able to expand her ministry in our community and beyond.

Pastor Carrie Smisek

Pastor Carrie Smisek

Pastor Carrie will now have a greater involvement with Children, Youth, and Family ministry, Young Adult ministry, and worship planning. She will also have more opportunities to provide pastoral care and is looking forward to the prospect of re-imagining what pastoral care looks like across all generations. In general, she will be even more present in this building and community to foster even deeper connections with our congregation.

In response to this news, Pastor Carrie says, “It is a joy to work at Gloria Dei and to be a part of this incredible ministry. It was a dream come true to be called here in the first place, and now to be full time feels spectacular! In short, I am excited to continue the journey with you in a more present way and figure out to where the Holy Spirit is bringing us together.”

Thank you to the congregation for supporting Pastor Carrie in her journey here at Gloria Dei. We are so excited to see where this new opportunity leads our community!

Take the Lent Mindfulness Challenge

Lent Mindfulness Challenge

Wed, March 6 - Wed, April 17, daily

Lent is historically a time when people might choose something to “give up”, like chocolate or sweets, watching TV, or excessive use of social media. Instead, what if you used this very special season to add a new habit of meditating and connecting with God each day?

Join Director of Contemplative Practices, Julie Stevens, and sign up with others for a 43 day challenge to meditate every day. Daily recordings of introductory and closing thoughts serving as prompts for timed silence will guide you through Lent. The daily time commitment will gradually grow throughout the challenge as your daily habit becomes more grounded -- beginning with just a few minutes, and ending at under 15 minutes.

Ash Wednesday & Lent Worship Schedule

Ash Wednesday: March 6 (11am & 6:30pm in the Sanctuary)

Wednesday Lenten Worship: 
March 13 - April 18 (11am Lenten Worship & Noon Lunch, and 5:30pm Lenten Dinners & 6:30pm Worship)

Lenten Lunches (provided by WELCA)
March 13: Turkey casserole
March 20: Rouladen
March 27: Pulled pork sandwiches
April 3, Assorted soups
April 10: Tater tot hotdish

Lenten Evening Dinners: 
March 6: Baked Potato Bar
March 13: Soup & Bread (Confirmation Labs Fundraiser)
March 20: Tacos (Confirmation Labs Fundraiser)  
March 27: No programming (Spring Break)
April 3: Scalloped potatoes with ham (Men’s Bible Study - 6:15am group)
April 10: TBD

Sunday Lenten Worship: March 3 - April 21

Confirmation Labs - Community Fundraisers

Our LABS project started last fall to give our confirmation youth an opportunity to actively explore their faith through service.  Last year, 13 groups were given $1,300 and were challenged to turn that money into more through fundraising opportunities. Our youth raised $4,200 in food, clothing, and housing donations in the Rochester area like our Food for Friends Backpacks program, Threads, Family Promise, Channel One Food Bank & Community Food Response.

This year, our youth are excited and ready to put a new plan into action within their small groups.  

Each of our 15 confirmation small groups will receive $100 in Sustenance dollars to help their assigned partner organization in Rochester:

  • 6th Grade - Channel One Food Bank (Food for Friends)

  • 7th Grade - Family Promise Rochester

  • 8th Grade - Community Food Response

Each small group will learn more about their assigned organization and will be given the opportunity to increase the $100 they are each given, as we explore the lesson of the “Parable of the Talents”.

We are so grateful for the Sustenance Committee and appreciate that they have faith in our confirmation youth’s spirit of service. We are so proud of our youth for their heart and generosity through this project and we are excited to see what God does through them this year!

6th Grade Projects - To benefit Channel One

Jen Spaeth & Frank Spaeth’s Group:
Cookies and Cards Sale: Wednesdays in February before Water’s Edge Worship.

Mindy Rice & Sarah Ryan’s Group:
Valentine Treats Sale: Treats will be sold Wed. evening, February 13. Price varies by size of treat package.

Tanya Johnston & Julie Ruzek’s Group:
Blanket Sale: Wednesday evenings starting in February. Our goal is raise $200. Blankets will include JM, Mayo, Century high school logos as well as Packers and Vikings logo blankets.

Sharon Gartner’s Group:
M&M Raffle - Guess the amount! Tickets on sale Sunday, Feb 3rd (10am hour) - Wed, March 6th (before worship). Tickets are $2.00 for 1 ticket or $5.00 for 5 tickets
First Prize: $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
Second Prize: $50.00 Amazon Gift Card
Third Prize: Jar of M&Ms

7th Grade Projects - To benefit Family Promise

Amy Sear’s Group:
Bake Sale & Chocolate Sale: Wed, Jan 30th and Feb 13th in the Narthex before Water’s Edge. Baked item $1 each and 1 box of chocolates for $2 and 3 boxes for $5.

Raffle for Gift Cards: March 6th after Water’s Edge Worship: Tickets - 1 for $1 or 10 for $5.

Robyn Ohashi & Janalene Niichel & Pam Mathiason & Karla Larson’s Group:
Lenten Dinners: A free-will donation is encouraged.
March 13th: Soup and Bread
March 20th: Tacos
March 27th: Baked Potato Bar Dinner.

Lyn Peterson & Kim Books’ Group:
Pop Socket Sale: Wednesday evenings before and after Water’s Edge.

8th Grade Projects - To benefit Community Food Response

Melissa Aeschilmann & Heidi Seaberg, & Julie Buchholtz’ Groups:
Pancake Breakfast: For a free will donation, there will be pancakes sold on Sunday, January 20th at 10 am in the Kitchen in the Garden Lounge

Jim Strom’s Group:
Flower Drop at Samaritan Bethany: We’ll be selling flowers for $1 each on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Our goal is send over 100 flowers to residents at Samaritan Bethany for a bright and lively March! With each purchase of a flower you’ll be entered into a raffle for a $25 Kwik Trip gift Card, a free pizza or Caribou Coffee coupon.

Frank Galvan & Brad Behle’s Group:
Bake Sale: Cookies will be pre-sold on Wed, Jan 16th before worship and on Sunday, Jan 20th. The cost is $10 for 15 or $5 for 6. Cookies will be delivered Wed, Jan 23 and Sunday, Jan 27th.

Jamie Patrick’s Group: TBD

Annual Meeting - Year in Review Report

Annual Meeting - Year in Review Report

You are invited to the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 27th at 10am in the Sanctuary. We will hear form our council president, Amy Conners and will vote on the approval of the church budget and for new council members. Join us to learn about the impact our ministry has made this past year!