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Mindfulness is a rich opportunity to be present to life, God, and ourselves.  It’s a way of moving through our daily journey that we’re all invited to experience.  I’m excited to “cross paths” with you as you explore this listen and read blog!  And I’d like you to know about several things that are important to me – underpinnings that provide a lens through which I see our spiritual journeys:

  • Our understandings of the Divine are varied and incomplete.  I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts, and I welcome learning about how you see and experience God or the Divine in your life.

  • I’m excited that you’re here!  It tells me that you’re seeking and trying to learn about your journey, just like me.  We are active participants in our spiritual growth and development. It’s great that we have questions, doubts, and that we embrace evolution and change in our spirituality.

  • Though you’re reading this on a Christian (Lutheran) church’s site, know that my own heart and journey (and this community) welcome and benefit from the wisdom and spirituality of other traditions.

  • Finally, contemplative practices in this setting are spiritual, not religious.  That is, not based on any set of beliefs or doctrines, but actions that re-orient awareness and that help us to grow, change, and evolve as spiritual beings learning how to be human.

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About Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens, Director of Contemplative Practices

Julie Stevens, Director of Contemplative Practices

Julie Stevens has worked in worship and music ministry at Gloria Dei for 25 years. She has always been passionate about this place and about helping others explore and deepen their spirituality. In 2015, Julie assumed the title of the Director of Contemplative Practices after completing a program entitled, “Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats” at Shalem Institute in Washington D.C.