Reflection from Julie

Where Have You Seen Love This Week?

Where Have You Seen Love This Week?
by Julie Stevens

“Where have you seen love this week?” 

I recently posed this question to my Sunday morning contemplative practices group, mostly to get everyone talking and engaged.  The answers were moving and beautiful. We had all seen love somewhere in our week – at a family birthday party, at a wedding, through the loan by a neighbor of a much needed item, or in spotting a kiss given by a little child to her cousin while they played in the fall leaves. If the Bible says that God is love, we realized we had all seen God through these moments from our week.


I know that the little moments of life, taken alone, can seem pretty inconsequential.  But they’re anything but!  As we feel ourselves being overwhelmed by social media and public discourse that is polarizing, demonizing, and anxiety- and angst-filled, we realize that these “little moments” become significant additions to the intangible Kosmic storage bin (as mentioned in the writings of Ken Wilber) where even mere thoughts about love, wholeness, and inter-connectedness accumulate and drive human consciousness forward in a more loving and compassionate direction.   

So where have you seen love this week?  Be consciously on the lookout for these moments, and let their beauty and positivity fill you.  Move slowly enough through your daily life to be mindful of times when God is right in front of you through the words and actions of yourself and others.  And remember the Kosmic storage bin:  even our very hopes and wishes for a more loving and compassionate world all add up, and will help move us forward towards a more interconnected and loving world.