Freedom and Flow Meditation - 15 minute

Freedom and Flow Meditation - By Julie Stevens

Each day we can practice mindfulness: a rich opportunity to be present to life, God, and ourselves. Our practice today will directly address things that we all face in life – things like:

 Being in a recurring cycle of thinking, emotions and moods that can sometimes overtake you, or that you can’t let go of.

Thoughts and old tapes that you just can’t stop cycling through.

Disappointments or frustrations with life that you might get caught up in.

Or being generally caught up in your own, or someone else’s drama.

These are the types of everyday things that mindfulness can help us with.

It’s a way of letting go of our little agendas.

It’s a way of finding that freedom and flow in the Divine.

It’s a way of finding wholeness and love for ourselves, and wholeness and love that can flow out from us to others.

Notice the arc of this practice:  it begins with something that’s disturbing us, something that maybe puts a dark cloud around us.  And then the practice moves us through some steps that help us to end up in freedom and flow.

Debrief Message:

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring a contemplative lifestyle and way of looking at life.  It’s a very compassionate and non-dualistic way of looking at things.  It helps us to see more and more places of connection and belonging.  We find our Real Life in Christ (the Cosmic Christ), we function and rest in the Flow of Life, and ultimately we can experience an abiding peace within ourselves that can ripple outward to create a more compassionate world.