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Adventfest : Sunday, December 1st


by Krista Monson

Prepare for the Season Together

How do you gear up for Christmas? This is a time of anticipation and we are ramping up the excitement of Advent with AdventFest on Sunday, December 1st! There will be activities of building, creating, and connecting as we bring everyone together to begin  Advent. 

  • Learn how to make lefse as a family and share your creations with our shut ins 

  • Create a welcome mat as the story of Mary & Joseph’s journey to find welcome is shared

  • Build a block nativity set with wood scraps, fabric, and imagination

  • Mark the days leading to Christmas with an Advent Calendar leading you through the story everyday

All alongside Mission Sunday hands on projects.

When: Sunday, December 1st at 10:00a.m.

Where: Throughout the building at Gloria Dei- Undercroft, Fireside Room, Garden Lounge, Room 14, & Kitchen.

Who: All are welcome for this time of community and preparation.


Auction Meeting and Info

Hi Summer 2020 Trip participants,

Thanks to those of you who could make it to our Auction meeting this past Sunday (11/3) at noon. For those who didn't, fear not! I've included links to the slideshow with the important information and the role descriptions. Please let me know if you have any questions.

As for the roles, please fill out this Google Form if you weren't at Sunday's meeting, so we can get a better idea of how to arrange our volunteer team. Look for more emails and information coming from Josh, Krista or myself as we get closer to the new year. A reminder that the Auction is Saturday, February 22nd from 5-9 pm with set-up on Monday the 18th from 3:30-7:30 pm. The Auction is 108 Days away!

Know that the Auction is a choice and what you put into it is what you get out of it--we've typically raised between $15,000-$20,000 to greatly offset the cost of summer trips, so let's keep the momentum going and make this another great year!

Have a great week,


Family Psalms from Sunday School in Bed

Family Psalms from Sunday School in Bed

Families were invited to write a family psalm in our first installment of Sunday School in Bed during our school break this past weekend. You can share yours by contacting Jonette Knock.

Did you miss Sunday School in Bed? View it here.


The Lord is the Conner's shepherd, we shall not want.

He makes us sit down together to watch hockey

He leads us to tell bad puns and "Dad" jokes

He restores our soul with movies and puzzles.

He leads us to serve and volunteer for his name's sake.

 Even though we walk through the darkest valley,

We still enjoy Harry Potter. We worship together and it comforts us.

 You prepare a table with corned beef in the presence of our community.

You fill our hearts with a desire for justice, our cups of Fairlife chocolate milk overflow.

 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives, and we shall dwell in the house of the Lord our whole life long.

Sunday School in Bed: Ep. 1

Welcome to the first Sunday School in Bed for the year.  Sunday School in Bed is going to be available for any Sunday [September through May 17] that we do not have Sunday School classes at Gloria Dei.  There was a take-home envelope available at Sunday School last week (October 13) but if you didn’t pick one up you just need some paper, a writing utensil and maybe a bible for reference. If you did pick up a Sunday School in Bed envelope, open it now.  

For our first Sunday School in Bed opportunity, we are going to write a Family Psalm.  Don’t worry it isn’t as hard as you might think. First I want you to sit down together, on a bed or at a table or on the sofa. (I am picturing your family sitting on a big bed in your footie pajamas, like in a mattress ad on TV.)  I want you to write down things that you do together as a family. Church things, like worship together or read bible stories; but also all kinds of things that you do together.  

My family went to worship together. We sang songs and hymns together, usually in the car, and not always very well. But we also played together and we liked to do crafty things and we golfed and went to lots of sports (especially football). We also went to lots of parades...and we supported one another, in all the things we did individually.

When you have a list of the things that makes your family...well, your family, I ask you to turn to the book of Psalms in your bible and look at some Psalms that you could use as a template for your family Psalm.  A quick way to find Psalms in your bible is to just open your bible to the middle of the book and you will probably be in Psalms. Did you open right to Psalms? I would suggest a short Psalm, like Psalm 100, Psalm 23, 133 or 134 (134 is really short). And I especially like to use a praise Psalm. BUT, if you would rather you can use a song as your template. Because that is what the book of Psalms is really the Bible’s song book without music notes. I have posted my family Psalm. Let me read it for you…

Sing in Joy, Knock Family.

We worship the Lord in church and with our lives.

We sing because God makes us happy, 

We sing new songs and old ones.

We know that God is here for us.

God made us all and we are all Children of God.

We belong to God...SO

We worship together,

We help other people together,

We play together, 

We create stuff together,

We are here for one another,

even when we are outside golfing, 

at a game or parade, 

We appreciate the world God has given us.

And we do this because we are God’s people,

We know God will love us forever. 

God will continue to love us, no matter what.

 As you can see it isn’t exactly like Psalm 100, it just gave us a little structure to help us put our Psalm together. The Knock Family Psalm isn’t a work of art...but it is ours. 

If you decide to choose a song, I suggest you use a simple song that you all know.  In opening we have been singing Lean on Me as part of our unit theme: Who Is My Neighbor. So that is the song we chose, Find what works for you. Don’t overthink it, just have fun together. Here are a couple of verses the CYF TEAM wrote as we worked on our Family Psalms.  Listen to what we put together:

D.J.’s Psalm to “Lean On Me”

Now let’s come together and join in this song,

To share the love with our neighbor.

If you think it’s hard to be a good friend

Just be there for each other.

CHORUS: Sing with me, when you are sad

And I’ll show you how

We can help each other.

I want you to know

That you’re not alone

We’re in this together.

Psalm 23 - Monson-Alms style by Krista

The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want.

Our family tends to our yard like a green pasture.

We love being outside in the grass, and by lakes of still waters.

Creation restores our soul.

Even though we argue or have bad days,

We fear no evil because we know the Lord is with us.

God’s promises and love comfort us.

When we sit together at the table, we eat, play games or do homework.

We support each other with love and our cup of kindness overflows. 

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives,

And we shall dwell in this house with the Lord our whole lives long. 

OK, so, no Grammy nominations but that’s not what we are looking for. This is a time for your family to make time together, for a family project and Faith Formation time together.

When you have finished writing your family Psalm, I invite you to write it or word process it; you could even illustrate it, then frame or post it. Consider sending me a copy. We can post yours, along with others, on the Family Hub, as examples of Sunday School in Bed. Have a great time, enjoy this opportunity together.

Blessings to you ALL.

Summer Trip Deadline= Nov 3rd

Summer 2020 Trips Information & Deadlines

Thank you for expressing interest in our summer 2020 trips to Brooklyn, NY or Chicago, IL.

Middle School trip [6th-8th grade]: Chicago, IL July 19-24, 2020

High School trip [completing 8th grade in 2020- 12th grade]: Brooklyn, NY June 19-27, 2020

I've included links to the slideshow and budgets, as well as the digital registration forms. Please make deposit checks out to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, with the memo "Brooklyn Trip" or "Chicago Trip." Checks should be turned into me at the church office no later than the appropriate deadlines.

1) Slideshow

2) Brooklyn Budget [HS trip]

3) Chicago Budget [MS trip]

4) Brooklyn Registration Form [HS trip]

5) Chicago Registration Form [MS trip]

Keep in mind these important dates:

1) Chicago Early Bird Deadline (Save $25): Sunday, October 6.

2) Final Registration Deadline for each trip: Sunday, November 3.

3) Auction Meeting: Sunday, November 3 at noon. Auction will be Saturday, February 22nd.

Feel free to share this information with any friends who may be interested in joining us this summer. Otherwise, please let me know if you have any questions!

D.J. Chatelaine, Youth Coordinator

Food for Kidz: Service Opportunity

Food for Kidz

November 2 • 9am-3pm (3 2-hour shifts) •  Bethel Lutheran Church

Food for Kidz is an international food relief campaign whose goal is to provide highly nutritious food to hungry children locally and in the world. Children, accompanied by an adult, are encouraged to be part of the packing process.

Prepackaged meals are sent to international locations as well as Channel One Food Bank, Community Food Response, and local backpack programs.

Click here for event details and sign up.

Mission Sunday, October 6th

Mission Sunday, October 6th

This Sunday is Mission Sunday from 10-10:50am at Gloria Dei! 

3rd - 5th grade students will participate in the mission projects that will be taking place around the building.  

  • If you will be participating in Mission Sunday as a family, and want your 3rd-5th grader to serve with you, they will be dismissed for Mission Sunday after Opening in rooms 11-13, 15-17 (aka Undercroft). 

  • If you are not participating in the Mission Service Projects as a family,  students in 3rd-5th grade will have the opportunity to serve with their grade group. 

After serving, you can arrange to meet them in the Opening room (aka Undercroft) at 10:50am.  

Several of the projects have a messy component, please dress accordingly.   

A little about Mission Sunday, from Joshua Poencet

What is Mission Sunday you ask?

Mission Sunday started 3 years ago as a way for our congregation to build community together while serving others in our neighborhood and beyond the church walls.  This is a time to connect and be transformed through acts of kindness together. 

Here's what Oct. 6th Mission Sunday service projects look like:

  • Channel One, Empty Bowls

  • Family Promise, Freezer Meals

  • Bring your Rake and help rake our neighborhood!

  • Contemplation and Prayer Walk, bring your walking shoes as we start with a contemplative practice and then go on a walk around the neighborhood sharing joy, prayer and fun and positive messages for our neighbors

  • Love in a Glove box kits (Ever see someone on a corner with a sign and want to help, but don't have anything, make a Love in the Glove Box kit and have them ready in your car to share)

  • Threads TLC Fall Edition

  • And Help harvest and weed in the Garden

Join us for community building as we serve our neighbors.

3rd - 5th grade assignments from Joshua 

After Opening in Undercroft, grades 3-5 will go to the following areas with their group:

 5th Grade - Garden Lounge for Empty bowls

After the group is done they'll move to Threads or go to their closing/pick up area

 4th grade - Kitchen for Family Promise freezer meals

After they are done, they'll have a chance to go out to the garden for some weeding (If the weather is bad, head to empty bowls in the garden lounge or return to the closing/pick up spot)

 3rd grade - Fireside Room for LOVE in the Glove Box

Afterwards, 3rd grade can move to the Garden Lounge for empty bowls or return to their closing/pick up area.  

 All 3rd-5th grade groups will return to the Undercroft (rooms 11-13, 15-17) for closing ritual and may be picked up from that location at 10:50am.

6th Grade Retreat Information

6th Grade Retreat

When: Saturday, Sept 28, 2019 - Sunday, Sept 29, 2019

12:45p.m. -12:00p.m.

What: 6th grade retreat as a milestone to launch and kick off the Confirmation experience: small groups, Confirmation 101, and other activities.

Come fed or BYO lunch to eat on the way.

Where: Good Earth Village, 25303 Old Town Dr, Spring Valley, MN 55975


12:45p.m. Depart from Gloria Dei's lower parking lot for Good Earth Village

2:00-5:00p.m. Welcome, games, small group time

5:00p.m. Dinner

6:00-7:30p.m. Confirmation 101, small group, campfire worship

8:00-10:00pm Movie, night games, snack

10:30pm Lights Out

SUNDAY, Sept 29

8:30am Wake Up and Pack Up

9:00am Breakfast

9:40am Hit the road!

11:00am EPICOneEight worship

12:00pm Depart/Go Home

Packing List:

Change of clothes



Bible and journal (Confirmation bag) + water bottle

Toiletries for overnight



Closed toe shoes for traveling around camp

Linens will be provided. They may bring their own pillow if desired.

Contact Krista with questions.

GDYG Fall Retreat!

High School Youth: Looking for something to do over MEA Break? Sign-Up for our 2019 GDYG Fall Retreat to the Twin Cities! 

The focus of this year’s retreat is centered around our call to stewardship, environmental sustainability, and multicultural understanding. Our plan is to leave from Gloria Dei at 11 am to arrive at the Bell Museum on the University of Minnesota campus for a 12:30 pm planetarium showing and museum visit. Afterwards, we’ll head over to Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis for a tour and opportunity to learn about the many vendors and cultures represented there. We’ll also enjoy a wide-variety of dinner options. Once we’ve eaten (please bring spending money for dinner), we’ll drive to Valley Fair for our return to Halloween Haunt at Valley Scare. Fear not! You can go on rides and avoid the scary/frightful attractions. Returning to Gloria Dei around 11:30 pm, we’ll spend the night at church for our opt-in lock-in, which will feature a middle of the night worship service. Wake-up call will be at 7 am to have everyone picked up or out the door by 8 am. Sign-Up by Wednesday, September 25th.

Email me ( for a registration form, with any questions you may have, or if you need scholarship assistance.



11:00 Depart Gloria Dei

12:30 Arrive at Bell Museum for Planetarium Show and Museum Exhibits

3:00 Depart Bell Museum and drive to Midtown Global Market

3:30 Arrive at Midtown Global Market and Begin Tour

4:30 Finish tour and have time at the Market to shop and eat dinner

6:00 Depart Midtown Global Market for Valley Fair

6:30 Arrive at Valley Fair, check in, get tickets, Valley Scare!

10:30 Depart Valley Scare

12:00 Arrive at Gloria Dei for Lock-In (Opt Out: Parents Pick-Up Youth)


7:00 Wake-Up, Clean Up Church, Grab and Go Breakfast

8:00 Picked up at/Depart from Gloria Dei

Summer Trips Meeting

Middle and High School Youth and Parents: Please join us on Sunday, September 22nd at noon (following 11 am Epic) in the Worship Center for our Summer 2020 trip information meeting. D.J. will share basic information about each trip (middle school to Chicago and high school to Brooklyn, NY) as well as important registration and fundraising information. Get the word out to your friends and hope to see you at noon on the 22nd!

Major Dates CYF Calendar for 2019-2020

Major Dates Calendar for all ages


4- Three year old Milestone, 6th grade orientation, GDYG Leadership Team Meeting

8- Kick Off event & Backpack Blessing

11- Confirmation begins; GDYG Kick-Off

15- Sunday School Orientation

18 - GDYG Sustainability Night in the Garden

22- Sunday School, Kindergarten Milestone, Summer Trip Information Meetings

28-29 Sixth Grade Confirmation Retreat


6- Confirmation Sunday, Mission Sunday

16- NO Confirmation, MEA

17- GDYG Fall Retreat

20- NO Sunday School, MEA

27- Third Grade Milestone


17- Second Grade Milestone

27- NO Confirmation, Thanksgiving


1- Family Adventfest, [Advent 1], Mission Sunday 

8- [Advent 2]

15 [Advent 3], Cantata

22 [Advent 4], “Christmas Story Rehearsal”

December 25- Christmas Day, NO Confirmation

December 29- NO Sunday School, Christmas break

January 2020

7th Grade Retreat

1- NO Confirmation, Christmas break

5- Sunday School is back

8- Confirmation + GDYG are back

19- NO Sunday School, MLK Jr. weekend


2- Mission Sunday, Camp GEV Sunday

9- First Grade Milestone

17- NO Sunday School, President’s Day weekend

22- The Auction

26- Ash Wednesday


Fifth Grade Milestone (March 1, 8, 15)

25- Last Day of Confirmation

29- NO Sunday School, Spring Break


1- Spring Break, NO GDYG 

5- Palm Sunday

6-11 Holy Week

9,10,11 Three Days

12- Easter Sunday, NO Sunday School

26- Fourth Grade Milestone


2- 8th Grade Confirmation Retreat

10- Mother’s Day, Sunday School kids sing at worship

17- Last day of Sunday School, Senior Recognition Sunday

Top Ten New Opportunities You Are Going to Love This Year!

We are pumped for this upcoming year and made this list of all that we are looking forward to, so you can look forward to it too!

Top Ten New Opportunities You Are Going to Love This Year!

  1. Kick Off!

We are kicking off the year with bouncy houses, mini donuts, and loads of fun for everyone outside on the north side of Gloria Dei!
Sunday September 8 from 9:50-10:50am.

2. Excavation Station and more!

This year’s Sunday School is getting a refresh! Stations and rotations provide for all learning styles. The Excavation Station kicks off each unit (four weeks) with a deep look into and experiencing the Bible Story. Skits, videos, songs, and wonderments will abound!

3. B.Y.O.B. = Bring Your Own Bible

B.Y.O.B. is at the beginning of each unit for the excavation station. We will learn how to look up stories and find things in the Bible. Did we mention there will be stickers??

4. Confirmation Retreats

We all need a break from it all, at times. Every grade in Confirmation will have a retreat to bond, unwind, connect, and learn something together. Sixth grade is September 28-29, seventh grade is a one-day Saturday retreat in January 2020 (date TBD), and eighth grade is May 2, 2020.

5. Sunday eves with GDYG

The last Sunday of the month will be dinner gatherings offsite for high school youth with GDYG. If your family is interested in hosting, contact D.J.
Dates are: September 29, October 27, November 24, December 22, & February 23.

6. New Logo

This year’s theme verse is Micah 6:8. It is our code of conduct, our encouragement, and unites our mission inside and outside the building!

Artboard 4.png

7. GDYG Cheer Squad

Which school and youth activities will D.J. be attending this week? How can I cheer on my fellow GDYG friends? The GDYG Cheer Squad is our way of supporting youth in their activities. D.J. will be communicating what’s coming up and how we can hang out and support our friends.

8. Sunday School Opening & Closing

Grades 1-5 will start with Opening including music with D.J. and the Dinosaurs, weird wonderments with Jonette, and connecting questions with their groups. Preschool 1, Preschool 2, and Kindergarteners will wrap up Sunday School with Closing that includes music, the take away of the day, and final fun.

9. [Church] Bags

Have a hard time collecting things your kid(s) need for church? We are including bags into our milestones for three years olds and sixth graders. Three year olds will receive and design their own “church bag” for their Bible, snacks, and activities they bring to church. Sixth graders will receive a “confirmation bag” to transport their Bible, writing utensil, etc. for Wednesdays.

10. Sustainability

We’re going green at Gloria Dei! Or at least challenging ourselves to be sustainable and do better to care for the earth. Be prepared to learn and be challenged alongside with us as we care for our home planet.

and extra BONUS….

It’s YOU!

You are the bonus, the special ingredient, the maximizer! You bring your gifts, your unique you-ness, and all your great individuality that make every opportunity new and extra special! We can’t wait to see you.

See you at the Kick Off! (refer to #1)

Get to Know Jonette!

Getting to Know Jonette (pronounced like bonnet)

We asked Jonette 10 questions to get to know our new Children’s Programming Coordinator better!

1. What drew you to Gloria Dei?

Gloria Dei offered to employ me to do what I love to do, with people that believe like me. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

2. Do you like coffee or pop?

YES….I drink one cup of coffee a day and I don’t really drink much pop anymore. Every once-in-a-while I crave a fountain Diet Coke from McDonald’s or a can of Diet Dr Pepper. 

3. Summer or winter

I am a winter girl (not Polar-vortex winter but regular winter). I don’t like to be hot...there is only so much clothing you can take off; but you can always add another layer or snuggle under a blanket if you are cold. 

4. What is your third favorite dinosaur? 

Brontosaurus (after the T-Rex and Stegosaurus).  I like the name Brontosaurus because it means “Thunder Lizard.”

5. What celebrity or historical person would you choose to have dinner with?

(Besides Jesus...I have lots of questions for Jesus) I choose Mr Rogers. I got to meet him once, in college. But I would love to share a meal with him and just soak up all his “Mr Rogers-ness”. He was kind, thoughtful, smart, faithful, and so dang nice.

6. Tell us three words that describe you.

Creative, friendly, funny


7. What is your role here at Gloria Dei?

I get to coordinate programming for children in Preschool through 5th Grade, including Sunday School, Milestones and VBA (Vacation Bible Adventure). That is my main role.  BUT I also get to work with the other staff to imagine and execute ideas for great ways to help us all encounter Christ.

8. If you could have any animal- imaginary, domestic, wild- as a pet, which would you pick and why?

A Penguin...they are such funny little creatures. They always make me smile. Plus, most types of penguins like winter too. 

9. Do you like movies or books?

YES, I love books and movies! I like movies about books (usually, I like the book better). I learned to read before I could walk, but I have always loved to go to the theater and watch movies. I like mysteries and romance, and I read lots of best sellers and Shakespeare. I also like to read plays. 

10. What is your favorite treat? 

Popcorn, with butter and salt and maybe a little pepper. I also like it with caramel or chocolate, with Parmesan cheese, or dill, or just plain….

9th Graders' Inspire Project Information

9th Graders’ Inspire Project Information

Greetings 9th graders & families!

I have received many questions and inquiries regarding the inspire project. So...

1. I made this Inspire Project video. In the video, I share about the expectations and steps of the project by giving an example of what I would do if completing this project. Make sure you (the youth) and your parents watch this to get an idea and more understanding regarding your project.

Uploaded by Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (ELCA) on 2019-08-01.

2. Check in sign up is created and available! Click the link here or on the Confirmation website to sign up for your 30 minute slot with a Gloria Dei staff member. This is a required step. Bring your project to check in (if a digital or video, email it to me and we can have it available for your check in). Check in is an opportunity to hear about your project, talk about your summer, your Confirmation experience and just get to know you and celebrate with you this upcoming milestone.

3. Bulletin information. This link also needs to be completed. We need a full name for the bulletin along with some other information. Please have your Bible verse listed as book of the Bible, chapter, and verse (e.g. Psalm 118:1). If you are using a different version of the Bible than the NSRV for your verse, type out the verse completely on the form as such:

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 118:1 NIV

We also would like each youth to be involved in the worship somehow. At the bottom of the form are options: read scripture, serve communion, share project, special music, or music team. Please choose one.

Reminder: Confirmation Sunday (aka Affirmation of Baptism worship) will be Sunday, October 6th at 2:00p.m. More details concerning this date will be sent out next week.

Thanks all! As always, contact me with any concerns or questions.

Krista Monson,

Vacation Bible School 2019 Recap

Vacation Bible School 2019 Recap

By Krista Monson

Photos from each day are on Facebook!

Imagination Station was fun for Gizmos and paper beads! We learned a fun fact every day with our safari strips before making paper beads.

Imagination Station was fun for Gizmos and paper beads! We learned a fun fact every day with our safari strips before making paper beads.

Day One

VBS is off to a great start! Today we learned that when life is unfair, God is good!  

In Wild Bible Adventure, we learned about the Parable of the Vineyard Workers (Matthew 20:1-16), and that God is an unconditional Giver. Though life will provide fair and unfair times, we can always rely on God’s love for us and all. 

Imagination Station introduced us to safari strips to make paper beads everyday. By the end of the week, they will create a bracelet. VBS campers also learned about kinetic and potential energy. A fun, Science GizmoTM came home with them. It’s in a paper bag and there is a sticker explaining how you can talk to them about their Gizmo and day at VBS! They receive a new Gizmo, that they have tried out in Imagination Station, every day at VBS.


Day Two

We said fun prayers before snack every day. Ask your camper about the JAWS prayer!

We said fun prayers before snack every day. Ask your camper about the JAWS prayer!

Today we learned that when life is scary, God is good!  

Wild Bible Adventure focused on the story Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-41). We used our imaginations as campers climbed into a “boat” and a storm hit; complete with sound effects, lightning, and rain! We discussed things in life that makes us fearful, including storms, and how we can be reminded to look to God in prayer for peace and calm. Krista shared how when waking up from bad dreams, she says a prayer out loud until she feels calm. When life gets scary, God is good!

We met Hooper the hoopoe bird today at VBS. Campers have a fun, Science GizmoTM to share with you today. 


Preschool and Kindergarten campers had fun and engaged playtime during Exploration Stations every morning.

Preschool and Kindergarten campers had fun and engaged playtime during Exploration Stations every morning.

Day Three

Tomorrow is our last day of "ROAR"!  Today we learned that when life changes, God is good!  

The story of the Israelites escaping Egypt and wandering the wilderness was the story in Wild Bible Adventure today. We traveled around the church and discussed how changes happen constantly. Changes can bring complaints, but we remember that even when life changes, God is good! New experiences, friends, and favorite things and memories can come from changes. Just like VBS!

Presto Change-o! VBS campers have a special GizmoTM today that highlighted our Bible Point. 

Thank you for letting us share this week with your child(ren). A big THANK YOU to all of our volunteers. You all make VBS amazing!


We are grateful for the friends made at VBS!

We are grateful for the friends made at VBS!

Day Four

Note from Krista:

What a week! When kids gather for VBS to learn, play, and connect, God is good!

I have felt so heart-filled this week. It has been such a blessing to witness the kids sing, laugh, wonder, try, dance, smile, giggle, and connect with one another. I had the opportunity of leading first through fifth grade in Wild Bible Adventure time, and watching all of them wonder and get caught up in the wild story was a daily dose of awesome. 

It was high energy watching the whole group sing the songs together during opening and closing. It was obvious that those CDs have been utilized at home and in cars. You have my permission to “misplace” those CDs for a couple weeks this summer for reprieve, if needed. While cleaning up and putting away VBS decorations, some leaders were still pounding out the VBS music CD through their speakers. I think after today, I will be taking a break from it; though I am sure it won’t stop running through my head! 


We collected an amazing amount of items for Bundles of Love:

  • 2,461 diapers

  • 5,185 wipes

  • 930 oz baby wash/shampoo/lotion!

A huge thank you to all volunteers! To those who donated snack items or materials, were crew leaders, led stations, helped kid wrangle for drop off and pick up, decorated and set up spaces, and all those who supported the event- THANK YOU!!! This week was a success because of you!

Did your child(ren) enjoy VBS? We have more awesome events throughout the year! 

  • Keep the fun and learning going throughout the school year! Registration for Sunday School and Confirmation are already open and available online

  • Community Camp at Good Earth Village. Gloria Dei goes to Good Earth Village August 9-11 for a weekend away from home to: splash in the creek, hike, play, relax, connect, and be in the beautiful scenery and great outdoors! More information and registration on the website.

  • Worship in the summer happens on Sundays with The Table in the Sanctuary at 8:45am and EPIC 1:8 in the Worship Center at 10am. There is also a midweek worship on Wednesday nights at 6pm in the Sanctuary. 

The Auction- RESCHEDULED for Wed. Feb 27th

You're Invited to
The Auction: a Gloria Dei Youth Fundraiser!
Wednesday, February 27th, 5-9pm

Please join us for an evening of community celebration and connection while investing in our youth as they travel together on Gloria Dei youth trips. As the only fundraising effort to support these trips, proceeds from this year's auction will fund, in-part, the Middle School Mission Trip to Milwaukee, WI and the High School Trip to Rainbow Trail in Colorado.

These youth trips not only provide a way for students to connect with God on a deeper level, but to also form life-long relationships with their peers and adult mentors from Gloria Dei.

There will be concessions and free childcare. Our goal is to raise $19,500 for our youth!

GDYG Ski Retreat

Welch Village Ski Retreat for high schoolers and their families!

Saturday, February 2nd from 3pm-11pm.

We will depart church at 3pm on February 2nd and return that night around 11pm, giving us six hours of ski time! Welch Village has a variety of ski trails, ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert, so there’s something for everyone, whether you’ve skied before or not. They also have a special rate on Saturday nights for groups of 15 or more, so invite your friends. Hope you can join us!

Cost is $60 with rental or $40 if you have your own equipment. This includes lift tickets (6 hours of skiiing/snowboarding!!) & transportation to and from Welch Village. Either pack a dinner or bring money for food. Email D.J. at if you need scholarship assistance.

Registration and sign up is CLOSED for this event. If you didn’t get the chance, look for an opportunity next winter!

Grades 9-12.