D.J. Chatelaine

Auction Meeting and Info

Hi Summer 2020 Trip participants,

Thanks to those of you who could make it to our Auction meeting this past Sunday (11/3) at noon. For those who didn't, fear not! I've included links to the slideshow with the important information and the role descriptions. Please let me know if you have any questions.

As for the roles, please fill out this Google Form if you weren't at Sunday's meeting, so we can get a better idea of how to arrange our volunteer team. Look for more emails and information coming from Josh, Krista or myself as we get closer to the new year. A reminder that the Auction is Saturday, February 22nd from 5-9 pm with set-up on Monday the 18th from 3:30-7:30 pm. The Auction is 108 Days away!

Know that the Auction is a choice and what you put into it is what you get out of it--we've typically raised between $15,000-$20,000 to greatly offset the cost of summer trips, so let's keep the momentum going and make this another great year!

Have a great week,


Do You Remember September?

September Reflections

by D.J. Chatelaine

I began my September in the blistering 110 degree Arizona heat. I was there for my college roommate’s wedding and had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends from that season of life. Returning to the cooler Minnesota weather, it’s been all hands on deck since: life got busy at Gloria Dei, as we began a new season with fall programming kickoff. GDYG started the year with minute-to-win-it games, featuring oreo cookies and pasta noodles, and a pizza party. We gathered the next week at the Gloria Dei Garden where Joshua Poencet shared about sustainable living initiatives and our call to care for the Earth so that we may share its goodness with future generations. That Sunday saw the world premier of “D.J. and the Dinosaurs,” our high school-led Sunday School music team, followed by our information meeting for our summer 2020 service trip to Brooklyn, NY. The following week, a group of our high school students led Confirmation, focusing the night on themes of stewardship, vocation, and environmental awareness. After I spent Saturday the 28th on the 6th grade retreat, learning from the 6th graders’ endless energy and curiosity, GDYG closed out the month with a dinner at Pasquale’s Pizza, generously provided by Char Harstad.

Throughout the month, there were a couple things I noticed. I’ve been impressed how our high school youth have really grown into leadership roles. From leading by example during GDYG, Confirmation, and Sunday School to sharing experiences learned from the summer with their peers, our high school youth should be praised for their dedication to the Gloria Dei community. Connor Ness, Kirsten Ness, and Payton Sears have taken inspiration from their week this summer at the Augsburg Youth Theology Institute and shared their passion to make our community more environmentally conscious and more mindful of the ways in which we use our resources, so that there will always be plenty for everyone. 

Payton, Nadiya Christenson, Aarson Carston, and Sam Conners have all given their time on Sunday mornings to serve as music leaders for Sunday School, as part of “D.J. and the Dinosaurs.” Miya Ohashi Berg, Isabella Ostman, and Grace Howard continue to be Sunday School leaders and Miya is a part of our GDYG Leadership Team, along with the Dinosaurs, Connor, Kirsten, Amelia Adams, and Nolan Seaberg. And I continue to be grateful for our adult volunteer leaders: Mike Ness, Tracey Adams, and Caitlin & Kent Polley. Through the transition we’ve had at Gloria Dei in the past month, our high school youth and volunteers have carried on, continuing to explore life together.

Summer Trip Deadline= Nov 3rd

Summer 2020 Trips Information & Deadlines

Thank you for expressing interest in our summer 2020 trips to Brooklyn, NY or Chicago, IL.

Middle School trip [6th-8th grade]: Chicago, IL July 19-24, 2020

High School trip [completing 8th grade in 2020- 12th grade]: Brooklyn, NY June 19-27, 2020

I've included links to the slideshow and budgets, as well as the digital registration forms. Please make deposit checks out to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, with the memo "Brooklyn Trip" or "Chicago Trip." Checks should be turned into me at the church office no later than the appropriate deadlines.

1) Slideshow

2) Brooklyn Budget [HS trip]

3) Chicago Budget [MS trip]

4) Brooklyn Registration Form [HS trip]

5) Chicago Registration Form [MS trip]

Keep in mind these important dates:

1) Chicago Early Bird Deadline (Save $25): Sunday, October 6.

2) Final Registration Deadline for each trip: Sunday, November 3.

3) Auction Meeting: Sunday, November 3 at noon. Auction will be Saturday, February 22nd.

Feel free to share this information with any friends who may be interested in joining us this summer. Otherwise, please let me know if you have any questions!

D.J. Chatelaine, Youth Coordinator


GDYG Fall Retreat!

High School Youth: Looking for something to do over MEA Break? Sign-Up for our 2019 GDYG Fall Retreat to the Twin Cities! 

The focus of this year’s retreat is centered around our call to stewardship, environmental sustainability, and multicultural understanding. Our plan is to leave from Gloria Dei at 11 am to arrive at the Bell Museum on the University of Minnesota campus for a 12:30 pm planetarium showing and museum visit. Afterwards, we’ll head over to Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis for a tour and opportunity to learn about the many vendors and cultures represented there. We’ll also enjoy a wide-variety of dinner options. Once we’ve eaten (please bring spending money for dinner), we’ll drive to Valley Fair for our return to Halloween Haunt at Valley Scare. Fear not! You can go on rides and avoid the scary/frightful attractions. Returning to Gloria Dei around 11:30 pm, we’ll spend the night at church for our opt-in lock-in, which will feature a middle of the night worship service. Wake-up call will be at 7 am to have everyone picked up or out the door by 8 am. Sign-Up by Wednesday, September 25th.

Email me (djc@gloria-dei.com) for a registration form, with any questions you may have, or if you need scholarship assistance.



11:00 Depart Gloria Dei

12:30 Arrive at Bell Museum for Planetarium Show and Museum Exhibits

3:00 Depart Bell Museum and drive to Midtown Global Market

3:30 Arrive at Midtown Global Market and Begin Tour

4:30 Finish tour and have time at the Market to shop and eat dinner

6:00 Depart Midtown Global Market for Valley Fair

6:30 Arrive at Valley Fair, check in, get tickets, Valley Scare!

10:30 Depart Valley Scare

12:00 Arrive at Gloria Dei for Lock-In (Opt Out: Parents Pick-Up Youth)


7:00 Wake-Up, Clean Up Church, Grab and Go Breakfast

8:00 Picked up at/Depart from Gloria Dei

Summer Trips Meeting

Middle and High School Youth and Parents: Please join us on Sunday, September 22nd at noon (following 11 am Epic) in the Worship Center for our Summer 2020 trip information meeting. D.J. will share basic information about each trip (middle school to Chicago and high school to Brooklyn, NY) as well as important registration and fundraising information. Get the word out to your friends and hope to see you at noon on the 22nd!

Top Ten New Opportunities You Are Going to Love This Year!

We are pumped for this upcoming year and made this list of all that we are looking forward to, so you can look forward to it too!

Top Ten New Opportunities You Are Going to Love This Year!

  1. Kick Off!

We are kicking off the year with bouncy houses, mini donuts, and loads of fun for everyone outside on the north side of Gloria Dei!
Sunday September 8 from 9:50-10:50am.

2. Excavation Station and more!

This year’s Sunday School is getting a refresh! Stations and rotations provide for all learning styles. The Excavation Station kicks off each unit (four weeks) with a deep look into and experiencing the Bible Story. Skits, videos, songs, and wonderments will abound!

3. B.Y.O.B. = Bring Your Own Bible

B.Y.O.B. is at the beginning of each unit for the excavation station. We will learn how to look up stories and find things in the Bible. Did we mention there will be stickers??

4. Confirmation Retreats

We all need a break from it all, at times. Every grade in Confirmation will have a retreat to bond, unwind, connect, and learn something together. Sixth grade is September 28-29, seventh grade is a one-day Saturday retreat in January 2020 (date TBD), and eighth grade is May 2, 2020.

5. Sunday eves with GDYG

The last Sunday of the month will be dinner gatherings offsite for high school youth with GDYG. If your family is interested in hosting, contact D.J.
Dates are: September 29, October 27, November 24, December 22, & February 23.

6. New Logo

This year’s theme verse is Micah 6:8. It is our code of conduct, our encouragement, and unites our mission inside and outside the building!

Artboard 4.png

7. GDYG Cheer Squad

Which school and youth activities will D.J. be attending this week? How can I cheer on my fellow GDYG friends? The GDYG Cheer Squad is our way of supporting youth in their activities. D.J. will be communicating what’s coming up and how we can hang out and support our friends.

8. Sunday School Opening & Closing

Grades 1-5 will start with Opening including music with D.J. and the Dinosaurs, weird wonderments with Jonette, and connecting questions with their groups. Preschool 1, Preschool 2, and Kindergarteners will wrap up Sunday School with Closing that includes music, the take away of the day, and final fun.

9. [Church] Bags

Have a hard time collecting things your kid(s) need for church? We are including bags into our milestones for three years olds and sixth graders. Three year olds will receive and design their own “church bag” for their Bible, snacks, and activities they bring to church. Sixth graders will receive a “confirmation bag” to transport their Bible, writing utensil, etc. for Wednesdays.

10. Sustainability

We’re going green at Gloria Dei! Or at least challenging ourselves to be sustainable and do better to care for the earth. Be prepared to learn and be challenged alongside with us as we care for our home planet.

and extra BONUS….

It’s YOU!

You are the bonus, the special ingredient, the maximizer! You bring your gifts, your unique you-ness, and all your great individuality that make every opportunity new and extra special! We can’t wait to see you.

See you at the Kick Off! (refer to #1)

D.J. Reflects on One Year at Gloria Dei

Dear Gloria Dei Community,

It’s been a year! I’ve been privileged to get to know many of you in our community through my role as Youth Coordinator. Coming to Gloria Dei fresh out of college, I’ve learned much from youth, parents and those I’ve interacted with throughout these past twelve months. I’ve often compared my first year in ministry to driving stick: it takes some time to get used to learning how to get started. And once you do, you then learn the right times to drive in the right gear, just like how to manage the natural ebbing and flowing of the church world.

Kicking things off with a memorable trip to the Youth Gathering in Houston where our bus broke down both ways (duct tape really is the handyman's secret weapon), I went straight into 6th gear, starting to build relationships with our high schoolers and the adult chaperones. Returning to Gloria Dei, things slowed down a bit, as they do with limited summer programming, and it felt like I was back trying to get started again--sometimes stalling at the intersection. September came and I shifted back into 5th gear, riding in that range through the beginning of programming, our fall retreat to Valley Scare and doing contact work at fall sports and musicals. Christmas brought things back to 6th, then the New Year came and with it came learning how to get started again. After trying things like a Bake Off, a rock climbing night at ROCA and a homework study night, the Auction came (after being rescheduled a couple times--thanks snow!) and I was back into 6th gear through Easter to our end of the school year picnic.

My first year at Gloria Dei has been a great learning experience as I continue to grow into this role and find out more who God has called me to be in this community, on this staff. Little did I know when I started here after graduating college that I’d be where I am now--beginning year two, having experienced all that happens inside and outside of these walls, within and without my role as Youth Coordinator. Preaching, joining our Synod’s AMMPARO team, sharing some of my experiences with y’all (“y’all” being a lingo I acquired in North Carolina) and even getting engaged have all been blessings in my life. Thank you for your continued support of Gloria Dei, our CYF program and my ministry with our high school youth!

With much joy,


Week 6: Freedom and Liberation in Love

by D.J. Chatelaine

Growing up a part of Trinity Lutheran Church in Owatonna, Good Friday arrived each year with a reenactment of Jesus’ ministry, from Baptism to crucifixion, during an outdoor theatrical production put on by talented church volunteers. I vividly remember being shy and somewhat afraid of “Jesus.” Maybe it was because I knew what was to come--brutal trial and crucifixion--and wanted so badly for that one moment to turn out differently, much like anytime you revisit a book or movie whose plot you know by heart. In the trial before Pontius Pilate, the crowd, which had just praised Jesus with shouts of “Hosanna!” now yelled, “Crucify him! Crucify him! We want Barabbas! Crucify him!” I would remain silent, hoping that it would somehow prevent the inevitable, familiar ending from occurring. But every year, Jesus would be nailed to the cross. Feeling weighed down by his death and seeing many people crying or holding back tears, I wondered what could be done to prevent this from happening again--what could we do to be better? Could my actions make a difference? What if we all loved each other as ourselves and treated each other as God’s children? Could we somehow invent time travel to keep Jesus from standing trial under Pilate and send him to a place far away from Jerusalem on that “Good” Friday?

As I came to understand through the years, nothing we do can change this outcome. Jesus sacrificed himself so that we may be free from sin, free from the worries of the world, free from being trapped in a society that tells us we’re not good enough, we’re not valued as much as the other more important, more popular, more successful, more famous people. This act of love is radical and transformative. This is God’s Grace. This Grace through Jesus’ ministry, death, and resurrection points to liberation and freedom. It points to lifting up the voiceless, the oppressed, the poor, the othered, the kid left alone at the lunch table, the classmate afraid to speak up, the one left out from the cool kids club or team or any social clique. And it frees us from selfishness and sin, making our relationships with God and the neighbor central to our lives.

This love is what Jesus stressed in his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5), this love for the neighbor is what Jesus lived when he welcomed the othered of his society into his ministry, this is what Jesus did by overturning the tables at the Temple and refusing to submit to Cesar, the ultimate authority in the Roman world. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength’...love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Jesus went to the cross and died as the ultimate act of love. We’re all in this crazy thing called life together, so we might as well live out this commandment to fully accept Jesus’ loving act. Freedom and liberation in our individual lives happens when we look out for our neighbor. And when we turn away from our neighbor, God’s Grace holds us close, ready to teach us to forgive and learn to love more deeply and fully, as God loves us.


Who is your neighbor? How do you love your neighbor? How do you feel when you look out for someone else? How does standing up for what’s right relate to loving your neighbor? How does doing so make both you and your neighbor feel? Is there a feeling of freedom in this action?


We’re part of a broken world, with a society built to flourish on injustice and inequality. Think of one action you can take this week to help take a step towards realizing those promises of freedom and liberation. Maybe it’s as simple as conserving energy by turning off a light when you’re not using it or reusing a grocery bag. Maybe it’s talking to or looking out for the peer excluded in class, at lunch, at recess, at work. Maybe it’s doing a random act of kindness. Maybe it’s catching up with that friend you haven’t spoken with in a while. Maybe it’s writing a letter to your representatives. Or maybe it’s being curious and asking questions about why we live the way we do.

Week 4: Love in Darkness

by D.J.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of darkness. I can vividly remember pitch black nights spent alone in my childhood bedroom, where I imagined I was someplace else--usually warm, sunny and with the ones I loved. I learned to fall asleep as fast as I could, so that the light and promise of a new day would come sooner. In the darkness, my greatest fears confronted me--losing my parents & sisters, not being cool enough to fit in at school, not being good enough or smart enough or attractive enough or liked enough. My mind would race through these many scenarios of hopelessness and unworthiness, pretty ridiculous looking back now, knowing that the people who loved me more than anything in the world and always reflected that love were only a bedroom away. Darkness came with a sense of uneasiness, uncertainty and worry.

Coincidentally or not, “Beware of Darkness” is one of my favorite songs, written by George Harrison. Darkness, to George, is associated with false voices, greed, people who wrong you, pain, self-doubt.This song, like many cultural references, paints darkness as a bad thing. I’d have to agree with that idea, from many life experiences beyond being afraid of the dark as a little kid: pneumonia that left me hospitalized, the deaths of close family members, rejection, toxic friendships and relationships, crises of self-confidence, feelings of loneliness, bullying, injuries and frustration. Yet at the same time, I repeatedly find myself searching for hope amidst the darkness. Hope of a better future. Hope of little pain. Hope of healing and forgiveness. Hope of reconciliation. Hope for a world where all are loved as God’s children. Hope for the light of a new day to get back up and get after it again.

Pain, darkness and suffering are things no one really likes. In fact, we go to great lengths to avoid the three at all costs, fearing their return to our lives. What if, in this Lenten season, where we witness darkness turn to light, marked by the lengthening of days and the reminder of Jesus’ resurrection, instead of fearing darkness, we hope for and look to that new light to arrive in our lives? I’m not saying to go ahead and embrace darkness and all its toils and troubles, but instead, recognize that like the seasons, it’s a natural part of life. By bewaring darkness, or “being aware” of it, we can recognize life for what it is and bring the light of God’s love to those places where all other lights seem to go out.


How does darkness make you feel? Are you like me and uneasy, or are you attracted to those hours? It’s difficult to talk about dark places or thoughts or feelings in our lives. Are you one who internalizes and self-processes these things or do you have a friend, family member, mentor, loved one or someone else you share these thoughts, feelings and experiences with? What are some things you do to bring light or joy or even laughter to dark places/moments in your life?


Check-in with yourself to notice how you feel when the lights go off at the end of the day. Are you looking forward to tomorrow? Are you afraid of the dark or what’s to come? Or are you so exhausted that your mind is able to shut off right away? The next morning, check in as a family how everyone felt the night before.

GDYG Ski Retreat

Welch Village Ski Retreat for high schoolers and their families!

Saturday, February 2nd from 3pm-11pm.

We will depart church at 3pm on February 2nd and return that night around 11pm, giving us six hours of ski time! Welch Village has a variety of ski trails, ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert, so there’s something for everyone, whether you’ve skied before or not. They also have a special rate on Saturday nights for groups of 15 or more, so invite your friends. Hope you can join us!

Cost is $60 with rental or $40 if you have your own equipment. This includes lift tickets (6 hours of skiiing/snowboarding!!) & transportation to and from Welch Village. Either pack a dinner or bring money for food. Email D.J. at djc@gloria-dei.com if you need scholarship assistance.

Registration and sign up is CLOSED for this event. If you didn’t get the chance, look for an opportunity next winter!

Grades 9-12.