9th Graders' Inspire Project Information

9th Graders’ Inspire Project Information

Greetings 9th graders & families!

I have received many questions and inquiries regarding the inspire project. So...

1. I made this Inspire Project video. In the video, I share about the expectations and steps of the project by giving an example of what I would do if completing this project. Make sure you (the youth) and your parents watch this to get an idea and more understanding regarding your project.

Uploaded by Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (ELCA) on 2019-08-01.

2. Check in sign up is created and available! Click the link here or on the Confirmation website to sign up for your 30 minute slot with a Gloria Dei staff member. This is a required step. Bring your project to check in (if a digital or video, email it to me and we can have it available for your check in). Check in is an opportunity to hear about your project, talk about your summer, your Confirmation experience and just get to know you and celebrate with you this upcoming milestone.

3. Bulletin information. This link also needs to be completed. We need a full name for the bulletin along with some other information. Please have your Bible verse listed as book of the Bible, chapter, and verse (e.g. Psalm 118:1). If you are using a different version of the Bible than the NSRV for your verse, type out the verse completely on the form as such:

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 118:1 NIV

We also would like each youth to be involved in the worship somehow. At the bottom of the form are options: read scripture, serve communion, share project, special music, or music team. Please choose one.

Reminder: Confirmation Sunday (aka Affirmation of Baptism worship) will be Sunday, October 6th at 2:00p.m. More details concerning this date will be sent out next week.

Thanks all! As always, contact me with any concerns or questions.

Krista Monson, kristam@gloria-dei.com