What I've Noticed This Fall

What I’ve Noticed This Fall

by Jonette Knock

What have I noticed --- my first September at Gloria Dei?

  • Laughter and shrieks of joy from kids on the Inflatable Slide and Bounce House. 

  • Micah 6:8 tattoos on little hands.

  • People talking with one another while waiting in line for mini doughnuts or Butter Beer.

  • Kindergarten families with Sticky Faith notes and Warm Fuzzies.

  • Elementary kids bringing their Bibles to Excavation Station.

  • Dinosaurs in the undercroft every Sunday.

  • Wonderful energy around all sorts of ministries 

  • Three Year Olds clutching Bible Story Books that weigh almost as much as they do.

  • The Excavation Station Good Samaritan video (see it on the Gloria Dei Facebook page) 

  • Preschool & Kindergarteners playing parachute games.

  • Kids discovering the answer to the question : Who IS My Neighbor?

  • Volunteers answering the call to teach, lead and walk with kids in faith formation.

  • Jr & Sr High kids being an example of faith to younger kids.

  • Banana surgery.

  • People from different generations growing together.

  • A talented, passionate staff serving together to make a smooth transition. 

What have I noticed my first September at Gloria Dei...God active everywhere.