Sunday School in Bed: Ep. 1

Welcome to the first Sunday School in Bed for the year.  Sunday School in Bed is going to be available for any Sunday [September through May 17] that we do not have Sunday School classes at Gloria Dei.  There was a take-home envelope available at Sunday School last week (October 13) but if you didn’t pick one up you just need some paper, a writing utensil and maybe a bible for reference. If you did pick up a Sunday School in Bed envelope, open it now.  

For our first Sunday School in Bed opportunity, we are going to write a Family Psalm.  Don’t worry it isn’t as hard as you might think. First I want you to sit down together, on a bed or at a table or on the sofa. (I am picturing your family sitting on a big bed in your footie pajamas, like in a mattress ad on TV.)  I want you to write down things that you do together as a family. Church things, like worship together or read bible stories; but also all kinds of things that you do together.  

My family went to worship together. We sang songs and hymns together, usually in the car, and not always very well. But we also played together and we liked to do crafty things and we golfed and went to lots of sports (especially football). We also went to lots of parades...and we supported one another, in all the things we did individually.

When you have a list of the things that makes your family...well, your family, I ask you to turn to the book of Psalms in your bible and look at some Psalms that you could use as a template for your family Psalm.  A quick way to find Psalms in your bible is to just open your bible to the middle of the book and you will probably be in Psalms. Did you open right to Psalms? I would suggest a short Psalm, like Psalm 100, Psalm 23, 133 or 134 (134 is really short). And I especially like to use a praise Psalm. BUT, if you would rather you can use a song as your template. Because that is what the book of Psalms is really the Bible’s song book without music notes. I have posted my family Psalm. Let me read it for you…

Sing in Joy, Knock Family.

We worship the Lord in church and with our lives.

We sing because God makes us happy, 

We sing new songs and old ones.

We know that God is here for us.

God made us all and we are all Children of God.

We belong to God...SO

We worship together,

We help other people together,

We play together, 

We create stuff together,

We are here for one another,

even when we are outside golfing, 

at a game or parade, 

We appreciate the world God has given us.

And we do this because we are God’s people,

We know God will love us forever. 

God will continue to love us, no matter what.

 As you can see it isn’t exactly like Psalm 100, it just gave us a little structure to help us put our Psalm together. The Knock Family Psalm isn’t a work of art...but it is ours. 

If you decide to choose a song, I suggest you use a simple song that you all know.  In opening we have been singing Lean on Me as part of our unit theme: Who Is My Neighbor. So that is the song we chose, Find what works for you. Don’t overthink it, just have fun together. Here are a couple of verses the CYF TEAM wrote as we worked on our Family Psalms.  Listen to what we put together:

D.J.’s Psalm to “Lean On Me”

Now let’s come together and join in this song,

To share the love with our neighbor.

If you think it’s hard to be a good friend

Just be there for each other.

CHORUS: Sing with me, when you are sad

And I’ll show you how

We can help each other.

I want you to know

That you’re not alone

We’re in this together.

Psalm 23 - Monson-Alms style by Krista

The Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want.

Our family tends to our yard like a green pasture.

We love being outside in the grass, and by lakes of still waters.

Creation restores our soul.

Even though we argue or have bad days,

We fear no evil because we know the Lord is with us.

God’s promises and love comfort us.

When we sit together at the table, we eat, play games or do homework.

We support each other with love and our cup of kindness overflows. 

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives,

And we shall dwell in this house with the Lord our whole lives long. 

OK, so, no Grammy nominations but that’s not what we are looking for. This is a time for your family to make time together, for a family project and Faith Formation time together.

When you have finished writing your family Psalm, I invite you to write it or word process it; you could even illustrate it, then frame or post it. Consider sending me a copy. We can post yours, along with others, on the Family Hub, as examples of Sunday School in Bed. Have a great time, enjoy this opportunity together.

Blessings to you ALL.