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Contemplative (mindfulness) practices invite you to a greater openness and awareness of God’s immediate and loving presence.  Practices can really enrich your life and inner journey, and deepen your relationship with God. If your life has gotten a little crazy, a little overloaded and stressful, and if you feel disconnected from yourself, others, and your relationship with the Divine, then a spiritual practice may be of help.  

A practice can help you to access the quiet that lies within you so that you can actually hear what your heart and soul might be saying or needing.  Check out the various practices sessions below and find one that feels right for you!

Take the Lent Mindfulness Challenge

Lent is historically a time when people might choose something to “give up”, like chocolate or sweets, watching TV, or excessive use of social media. Instead, what if you used this very special season to add a new habit of meditating and connecting with God each day?

Join Director of Contemplative Practices, Julie Stevens, and sign up with others for a 43 day challenge to meditate every day. Daily recordings of introductory and closing thoughts serving as prompts for timed silence will guide you through Lent. The daily time commitment will gradually grow throughout the challenge as your daily habit becomes more grounded -- beginning with just a few minutes, and ending at under 15 minutes.

Julie Stevens - Director of Contemplative Practices at Gloria Dei

Julie Stevens - Director of Contemplative Practices at Gloria Dei

About the Contemplative Practices Guide

Julie Stevens is a contemplative small group prayer and retreat leader who has a passion for guiding others as they explore and deepen their spiritual journey.  She finds the group setting to be especially transformative for people as they take time for their inner lives within community.

Moments of Mindfulness Blog

Contemplative Summit

Did you attend the Summit at Assisi Heights on Saturday, Jan 19th? Download or stream the “Freedom & Flow” meditation that was our foundation for our practice at the Summit.

Other Contemplative Practices Sessions


Reset: A Mini-Retreat

Offered twice a month: Second Saturday from 9am-11am – OR --
Preceding Thursday evening, 6:30-8:30pm in the Fireside Room.

All are welcome, no specific beliefs or Gloria Dei membership required.

Through a mindfulness meditation practice, we’ll learn to see and name whatever is most troubling for us on any given day, and explore some steps that help us move to the wonderful peace and inner joy found in Christ that we all desire. This monthly "Reset" unpacks the meditation practice through alone time and the wisdom shared in small and large group processing.



Weekly at 10am on Sundays in the Loft

A discussion and time for mindfulness meditation each Sunday in the third floor Loft; we’ll explore the lenses through which we view our lives and the hidden strings that can control us.

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