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Contemplative Practices sessions cover topics such as living more simply, calming the mind, and addressing daily obstacles that make it difficult to live in a balanced and centered way.  We explore a variety of contemplative practices as thresholds to the Divine (recognizing that our understandings of the Divine are varied and incomplete).  

Contemplative/mindfulness practices can help us as we seek to live whole and joyful lives.  They can awaken us to that which is most meaningful and sacred in life.  

 Julie Stevens - Director of Contemplative Practices at Gloria Dei

Julie Stevens - Director of Contemplative Practices at Gloria Dei

About the Contemplative Practices Guide

Julie Stevens has worked in worship and music ministry at Gloria Dei for 25 years. She has always been passionate about this place and about helping others explore and deepen their spirituality. In 2015, Julie assumed the title of the Director of Contemplative Practices after completing a program entitled, “Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats” at Shalem Institute in Washington D.C.



Weekly at 10am on Sundays, reset is a short time to meet as a group to discuss simpliying our physical spaces and our heads pace.

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Once a month on Saturdays, we meet for an hour and a half to focus on quieting the mind in a busy world.



Join us for full day retreats quarterly. 

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