Contemplative practices invite you to examine your own story and journey, and to spot areas of both joy and challenge. Above all, practices provide the time and space to mindfully experience God’s immediate and loving presence in a first-hand kind of way. If your daily life is running a little low on feelings of well-being, love, joy, peace, and hope – or if you’re just generally feeling a bit disconnected in your relationship with the Divine -- then contemplative practices may be of help on your journey.

A practice can help you to access the quiet that lies within you so that you can actually hear what your heart and soul might be saying or needing. 


Your Contemplative Practices Guide

Julie Stevens is a contemplative small group prayer and retreat leader who has a passion for guiding others as they explore and deepen their spiritual journey.  She finds the group setting to be especially transformative for people as they take time for their inner lives within community.

Contemplative Practices Sessions


Contemplative Connections

Sundays | 10-10:45am | The Loft (third floor)

Julie offers a weekly space to explore a contemplative approach to life, be guided in some minutes of meditation, feel more connected to God, others, and yourself.


Contemplative Reset

September 21 | March 21 | May 2

9:30am-12:30pm (lunch included)

Quarry Hill Nature Center


Enjoy a morning away to “reset” your journey with God. Benefit from a longer time period for: pondering a topic as you develop a contemplative approach to life; for meditation and journaling; and for time in nature. Led by Julie Stevens.


Contemplative Retreat

January 18

9am-4pm (lunch included)

Assisi Heights Spirituality Center


Enjoy a full-day retreat in the company of others in the beauty of Assisi Heights. Benefit from helpful content about the contemplative journey, time in silence,and insights gained through unpacking the day in small and large groups. Led by Julie Stevens.

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