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Legacy/Living Waters
11/26/17: “Getting Ready for Company” by Pastor Charles
11/19/17: “Out On A Limb” by Pastor Karna
11/12/17: “What is Your Song?” by Pastor Charles
11/5/17: “Ordinary Saints” by Pastor Karna
10/29/17: “From Grace to Love; From Truce to Intimacy” by Pastor Charles
10/22/17: “The Journey to Inner Conviction” by Pastor Charles
10/15/17: “Amazing Grace” by Pastor Karna
10/08/17: “Beautiful Savior” by Pastor Karna
10/01/17: “Be Thou My Vision” by Pastor Karna
9/24/17: “Character Development” by Pastor Charles
9/17/17: “A Foretaste of the Feast to Come” by Pastor Charles
9/10/17: “Homecoming” by Pastor Charles
9/3/17: “Good Morning Lord” by Pastor Karna
8/27/17: “Hope” by Pastor Charles
8/20/17: “Surprising Faith” by Pastor Karna
7/30/17: “Yeast” by Pastor Charles
7/23/17: “What about the weeds?” by Pastor Charles
7/9/17: “I Don’t Know: Matthew 11:25-30” by Pastor Charles
7/2/17: “The Little Flower” by Pastor Karna
6/18/17: “The Little Way” by Pastor Karna
6/11/17: “The Art of Being Lost” by Pastor Charles
6/4/17: “Fearless” by Pastor Karna
5/28/17: “That You May Be One” by Pastor Charles
5/21/17: “Dinner Invitation” by Pastor Karna
5/14/17: “The Way: How I Got Here” by Pastor Carrie
4/30/17: “Road Trip” by Pastor Dave
4/23/17: “God’s Yes and God’s No” by Pastor Charles
4/16/17: “The Unexpected Easter” by Pastor Karna
4/9/17: “The End of the Honor/Shame System” by Pastor Charles
4/2/17: “New Look” By Pastor Karna

12/3/17: “Advent, Week Two: Magnificat” by Pastor Carrie
11/26/17: “Advent, Week One” by Pastor Carrie
11/19/17: “Thankfulness” by Pastor Dave
11/12/17: “Generosity” by Pastor Dave
11/5/17: “All Saints” by Pastor Dave
10/29/17: “Star Wars and the Freedom to Try” by Pastor Carrie
10/22/17: “Epic To Go: Morning Coffee” by Pastor Dave
10/15/17: “Lectio Divina” by Pastor Dave
10/08/17: “Your Life Is Your Spiritual Practice” by Pastor Charles
10/01/17: “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by Derek Jensen
9/24/17: “Roll Away Your Stone” by Pastor Carrie
9/17/17: “Spirit in the Sky” by Pastor Dave
9/10/17: “Shiny Happy People” by Pastor Dave
8/27/17: “Who Is The Greatest?” by Pastor Dave
9/3/17: “Epic ToGo – Labor Day” by Pastor Dave
8/20/17: “Changing Your Mind” by Pastor Dave
8/6/17: “How Much Suffering Do You Need?” by Pastor Charles
7/30/17: “Thin Spaces Week 4: No Filter” by Pastor Dave
7/23/17: “Thin Spaces Week 3: Climbing Trees” by Pastor Dave
7/2/17: “EpicOneEight ToGo – July 2”
6/18/17: “Summer Reading: Finding God in the Waves” by Pastor Dave
6/11/17: “Summer Reading: Finding Jesus” by Pastor Dave 
5/28/17: EpicToGo
5/21/17: “Summer Blockbusters: Dead Poet Society” by Pastor Dave
5/14/17: “Summer Blockbusters: Cast Away” by Pastor Dave
5/7/17: “Summer Blockbusters: The Avengers” by Pastor Dave
4/30/17: “Summer Blockbusters: Finding Dory” by Pastor Karna
4/23/17: “Doubting Thomas” by Pastor Carrie
4/16/17: “This Is Resurrection” by Pastor Dave
4/9/17: “The Satire Of Palm Sunday” by Pastor Dave
4/2/17: “This Is Uz: Restoration, Kind Of” by Pastor Dave

Water’s Edge
11/29/17: “Thank You, God”
11/15/17: “Learning How To Float”
11/8/17: “Gifts for My Calling”
11/1/17: “What’s My Calling?”
10/25/17: “Who Am I?”
10/11/17: “False Starts, Good Starts, and Great Starts”
10/04/17: “Home”
9/27/17: “Open Your Heart to the Beauty and Wonder of God”
9/20/17: “Exploring the Park”
9/13/17: “You Are Here”