The Three Days + Easter Worship

Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 in General

The Three Days

The Three Days is one worship service in three parts on three separate days. It’s like a book with three chapters telling the story of Jesus’ last days on earth. This year our theme is “The Story that Transforms.”


  • Maundy Thursday: 11am in Sanctuary or 7pm in Worship Center
  • Good Friday: 11am in Sanctuary or 7pm in Worship Center
  • Easter Vigil: 8pm beginning in Worship Center

Maundy Thursday:

We share a supersized candle-lit communion meal and tell the story of when Jesus ate with his friends and taught them about the depth of his love. We take a break from the story and pick up the next day with chapter two.

Good Friday:

We connect our individual stories with the Passion Story of Jesus. Through song, visuals and drama we remember when Jesus was arrested, executed, and died on the cross. We take another break from the story, and conclude the next day with chapter three.

The Easter Vigil

On Saturday we begin outside by a fire. The story starts as Jesus is in the tomb and ends with a giant feast and the first celebration of Easter.  We will journey with Jesus as he moves from darkness to light and from death to new life. This is the journey that changes everything!

Through it all, we discover that Jesus’ story and the stories we have to tell are not so different. From a Thursday meal, to the death at the cross, to celebrating at the empty tomb we learn The Story that Transforms.

And in the end, we discover that this story is our story.

Please join us for The Three Days as we participate and explore this old, old story of transformation through storytelling, drama, video, music, food and prayer.

Easter Sunday

Let us celebrate that Jesus has conquered death and is alive once again. The tomb is empty, and our hearts are full! He is risen, he is risen indeed!


  • Legacy – 9am, 10:30am – featuring special music by The Sanctuary Singers, Brass Ensemble, and Glorious Bells
  • EpicOneEight – 9am, 11am – featuring Ska Easter music